About Us

I have always been fascinated with history and the visual arts. Throughout the 20th century, especially after World War II, pop culture moved at a very rapid pace. Every decade, and even portions of a decade, had a very distinct and recognizable look in pop-culture, music, and art. All of these changed extensively, but especially fashion.

The 1960s is the most extreme example. The early, mid, and late sixties all were very distinct and different. If someone from 1960 was transported to 1969, it would have been an unrecognizable world. Fashion trends were constantly changing year to year and it seemed there was always something new coming around the corner.

Throughout the 60s, there were many designers pushing design to a new place. One in particular, and one of my most influential inspirations, was Emilio Pucci. He created something brand new for the time. The swirls, colors, and patterns were a complete contrast to the stripes and plaids from earlier in the decade. Most people had not seen anything like this before. This evolved into the paisleys clashing with loud prints later in the decade.

The early 70s started with the hippie look and then switched gears to the the shining simplicity of the disco era. Halston introduced new fabrics like Ultrasuede along with the simple wrap dress in the mid-70s. During the 1980s, it went from the yuppie look to bright primary colors, shoulder pads, bright fluorescents, oversized sweaters, and blasted denim.

The pendulum tended to swing from traditional to something more original multiple times during a decade. Yes, there was always a common tread of the classic look in the background (and probably always will be), but there was also a more expressive and creative option too. It seems that we have been stuck on one side of the pendulum for decades now. Somewhere in the mid-90s, fashion prints tended to rely on safe classic options like plaids and stripes, especially for men. Women’s fashion would sprinkle in some floral patterns from time to time, but not much more.

I think it’s long past time for a brand new look. Thanks to digital fabric printing, we are no longer limited to screen printed patterns, opening the door to more complex and creative patterns that aren’t limited to shapes. We are living in a fortunate time where the sky is the limit to creativity.

I became bored with the same few patterns being recycled from season to season, especially for men’s clothing. It seems the vast majority of options are variations of blues. I wanted something different that I could not find in the clothing market, so I set out to create something new.

My patterns are completely one of a kind. They can be extremely complex and there are no two alike. There are thousands of colors creating a subtle and unique effect from one to another. And these have a completely different visual effect when you view close-up, versus far away. It is almost like getting two looks in one.

I think it’s time to break free from the limitations of traditional patterns and embrace the new technologies we have access to. I am excited to be participating in this movement, giving other people access to a new look, and helping fashion move forward. Thank you for joining me in moving fashion forward.

-K Begovich